How do I know if I need coaching?

  • – Have you been contemplating an issue or obstacles for a while?
  • – Do you feel you would benefit from support and having a shoulder to lean on?
  • – Is there a feeling in your gut and you are thinking ‘I would really benefit from some support’ ?
  • – Do you value confidentially and privately discussing your opinions  and options?


Coaching provides the freedom to discuss an area ‘outside the box.’ It gives you the scope and the clarity to see a topic in a new and fresh light.

What is coaching?

Coaching facilitates change. Through it, clients become aware of their own capabilities and resources and how to make the best use of these resources. An effective coaching relationship is the foundation for any successful coaching outcome. The aim is to increase self-awareness and increase our ability to deal with life.



How long can I do coaching for?

You are welcome to enroll in a 6-10 week program and then receive continued support should you so wish. How would your life, business, relationships, health benefit from some improvement through change?

Introductory offers available for new clients.



What areas would you like us to cover for you eg health, focus, drive, determination?

What effects do you want to see being brought into your life?

I am here to help you.

What is your level of engagement and interaction?

Where do you want this to go?

  1. Finding your ideal work and life balance
  2. Creating a new business that works for you
  3. Discovering your reason and purpose for living, striving and thriving


All are receivable

I help you find the answers

I am your coach on your side


E-mail: thesoulcliniccentre@gmail.com


Skype: eavan-murphy