Achieving effective results through sustainable change




Personal Performance Coaching


I invite you to take up the offer of coaching. It’s an opportunity to receive support in an area you are working on or would like to work through. Effective support is aimed to help you on an individual basis.


Relationship Coaching 


If you are looking for a gentle ear and a sensitive approach, helping you work through your feelings and your vision is one where you are respected and encouraged you are in the right place. I teach you techniques to examine what is most important to you and how to bring that vision to life.


Coaching for Kids


It is a joy and a pleasure for me to work with children. I have trained in Relax Kids Coaching and love the positive influence I have and the exuberance I can help children express when they can be their best selves.


In Coaching for Kids I work on a one-to-one basis and as in small groups to help kids de-stress and return to a calm and happy contentment inside through meditation, play, singing and dancing.